How to Support

With YOUR help we can find a treatment and eventually a cure for MCOPS12! You can do this by helping us to raise awareness about MCOPS12 and by donating, which enables Cure MCOPS12 to support essential scientific research and drug development that will ultimately result in a cure.  

Raise Awareness

MCOPS12 is an ultra-rare disease and due to that rarity most people have never heard about this disease and that's where you come in! 

Every little bit makes a difference and can help us to give all patients of MCOPS12 a chance at a better life.  

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Word of Mouth. Tell a friend, a family member, a colleague about our cause.


Be a part of helping us find treatment options and ultimately a cure for every MCOPS12 Patient Worldwide! ​

Cure MCOPS12 in collaboration with A Cure for Sophia and Friends have launched a new Crowdfunding Campaign via Classy! Donate TODAY and Be a Champion for a Cure!

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