Who We Are

Cure MCOPS12 is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by Microphthalmia syndromic 12 (MCOPS12) and accelerating research to find a cure. It should also provide a platform for discussion between family members, physicians, and subject matter experts taking care of MCOPS12 patients.

Meet the Team

Reinhard Pell

Founder & Chairman

Reinhard is from Salzburg, Austria. He´s a chemist by profession, currently leading a development unit in a pharmaceutical company.

The devastating diagnosis of his son´s ultra-rare and debilitating disease, with no available treatment options, has changed his life. Together with his wife Edith he founded Cure MCOPS12 to make the impossible possible – finding a therapy for MCOPS12 patients to enable them a better and brighter life.

In his spare time Reinhard loves doing sports and spending time in nature – alpine hiking, skiing, or having a swim with his son Simon! 

Edith Pell

Co-Founder & Vice Chairwoman

Edith is from Salzburg, Austria. In addition to her job as a social worker, she manages daily life for her son –  everything from doing physiotherapy at home, to cooking his favorite foods. Seeing Simon happy is truly the greatest gift she could ask for.

From day one, Edith and her husband Reinhard promised each other that they would do whatever it takes to support and give the best life to their little sunshine, Simon. She believes that her husband’s devotion and knowledge of drug development, their friends, and the MCOPS12 community will lead them to finding a cure for MCOPS12.

When Edith is not busy with family or work duties, you can find her in the beautiful mountains surrounding Salzburg – she enjoys going for a hike or running to clear her mind!   

Edith Rockenschaub


This is Edith from Hagenberg, Austria.She is the treasurer of Cure MCOPS12 due to her knowledge and experience in accounting. She is currently working as an accounting clerk in a construction company. Edith and Simon’s mom have known each other since they were kids, so as soon as she learned of Simon’s situation, her and her partner have jumped in to support the Pell family in any capacity they could. When Edith is overloaded from numbers and bills at work, she loves to garden and bake homemade bread!

Wittney Sadler

Fundraising Expert


This is Wittney. She’s our fundraising expert, based out of Vienna, Austria. Wittney is passionate about making a difference and aspires to give a voice to the voiceless. In her free time, wittney enjoys hiking with her dog and exploring new places and things, especially food!

Ivana Ursić Ivić



This is Ivana from Split, Croatia. She’s an engineer and drug development specialist, currently working as a project manager. After meeting Reinhard she was moved by his efforts in securing therapy for not only his son but all MCOPS12 patients and knew she had to help. Ivana enjoys traveling, bouldering and spending time with her husband & cats.

Kathi Carl



This is Kathi from Thuringia, Germany. She’s a chemist, currently working as a project manager. Kathi decided to support Cure MCOPS12 as she was inspired by the Pell Family’s story and knew as a mother she would also do whatever it takes to support her family. In her free time she loves hiking with the whole family, playing basketball and reading.

Biswadip Sinh



This is Biswadipnative of Kolkata, India and currently based in Thuringia, Germany. He’s a pharmacist by profession, currently working as a Team Leader in Pharmaceutical Development. His understanding of the difficulties rare disease patients face in obtaining medicines and treatments inspired him to want to support Cure MCOPS12 in any way that he can. In his free time, he loves to go swimming and to explore new places and cultures with his family.

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