Meet Valerie Chu: Spearheading MCOPS12 Research through a Natural History Study!

📢Introducing Valerie Chu, who will be conducting our Natural History Study for MCOPS12 Patients and their families! 

We’re excited to have Valerie Chu, a Research Genetic Counsellor from the CHU Sainte-Justine Research Centre, on board! With her extensive background and passion for clinical research, Valerie brings a wealth of knowledge to our research team.

🔬 Background and Expertise:

Valerie holds a Master’s degree in Genetic Counselling and has extensive research experience as a genetic counselling research assistant, contributing to studies like GenCOUNSEL and SAVE BC. 

Valerie’s interest in this field and within this specific role stems from her previous experiences in research. She’s keen to combine her genetic counselling background with rare disease research to launch a successful natural history study and engage the MCOPS12 community!

🌟 Goals: 

By conducting this natural history study, Valerie aims to make a significant impact. The study will provide valuable information about MCOPS12 to affected families who may currently be unaware of what to expect over time. 

Furthermore, the data collected will have the possibility to contribute to the development of diagnostic criteria, management guidelines, and future treatment options. This study has the potential to revolutionize our understanding of the condition and bring much-needed support to MCOPS12 patients and their families!

🫶We’re grateful to have Valerie Chu conduct our Natural History Study and we look forward to the contributions she will make in further understanding MCOPS12!

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