Meet Kathi Carl: Volunteering to Make a Difference – One Step at a Time

📢Introducing Kathi Carl, a dedicated volunteer at Cure MCOPS12 who also works as a project manager!

🔬 Background and Expertise:

Kathi Carl is a professional chemist who successfully completed her PhD thesis in inorganic chemistry at the University of Jena. With over 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Kathi has specialized in the development of inhalation products.

💙Reasons for Support:

Kathi’s decision to support Cure MCOPS12 was deeply influenced by the inspiring story of the Pell Family. As a mother herself, she empathizes with the unwavering determination to provide unwavering support to one’s family. While fully aware of the commercial limitations that hinder support for all diseases and patients in the pharmaceutical industry, Kathi acknowledges the critical need for targeted efforts and individual engagement when it comes to rare and ultra-rare diseases.

🌟 Impact & Goals:

Although Kathi humbly recognizes that her contribution may seem modest compared to the tremendous efforts put forth by Reinhard Pell and his family, she actively lends her support to the cause in various ways. She participates in raising awareness, brainstorming ideas for fundraising, and assisting with translation activities.

The primary objective of Cure MCOPS12 is to discover a treatment or cure for MCOPS12 patients. Kathi understands that progress is achieved by taking small steps, each of which holds significant value along this challenging  journey.

🫶We are profoundly grateful for Kathi’s unwavering support and dedication to Cure MCOPS12. Her contributions serve to increase awareness and bring us ever closer to our ultimate goal!

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