Meet Ivana!

A Heartfelt Commitment: Ivana’s Hope for MCOPS12 and Beyond

📢Introducing Ivana, a dedicated volunteer at Cure MCOPS12 who also works as a Business Development Project Manager at a pharmaceutical company!

🔬 Background and Expertise:

Ivana holds an Engineering Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition/Food Technology and a University Specialist Degree in Drug Development. With an impressive career spanning 12 years in the pharmaceutical industry, Ivana has gained extensive expertise in various aspects of drug development.

💙 Reasons for Support:

Ivana’s decision to support Cure MCOPS12 is deeply rooted in her belief in meeting unmet patient needs. Her compassion and dedication stem not only from her professional background but also from a personal connection. She is motivated to help her friend and ex-colleague, Reinhard, and stands firmly behind the cause to find a solution for MCOPS12 patients.

🌟 Impact & Goals:

In her role as a volunteer, Ivana plays a crucial part in the mission of Cure MCOPS12. She actively contributes to the cause by raising awareness about the disease and conducting market research to identify potential drug candidates. Through these efforts, Ivana aims to make a tangible impact on the lives of MCOPS12-affected children, including Simon. Her ultimate goal is to find a treatment for MCOPS12 patients and hopes that the organization’s success will inspire other families and non-profits facing similar challenges.

🫶We are profoundly grateful for Ivana’s unwavering support and her significant contributions to Cure MCOPS12. Her expertise and efforts are instrumental in increasing awareness and getting us closer to finding a treatment for this rare disease!

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