MCOPS12 Families’ Top Picks: The Ultimate Curated Toy Recommendations for Summer!

The sun is shining, and summer is in full swing! As parents, we’re all on the hunt for ways to keep our children entertained and engaged during this vibrant season. But for those of us with children facing unique challenges due to rare diseases, finding the perfect toys can be quite a task.

At Cure MCOPS12, we are dedicated to supporting children with #MCOPS12, a condition marked by microphthalmia, vision impairments, mobility issues, and variable cognitive abilities. We understand the significance of finding toys that go beyond the ordinary – toys that are not only engaging but also accessible for children with vision and mobility impairments. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore some toy recommendations that have brought joy and empowerment to MCOPS12 kids, with the hope that they can also benefit other children facing similar challenges!

Children with vision impairment often find joy and comfort in toys that stimulate their senses. Here are some toy recommendations from our very own MCOPS12 patient families: 

  1. Sonodrum: This musical drum provides a delightful tactile and auditory experience. Children can feel the beat and enjoy the rhythm, immersing themselves in a world of sound.
  2. Disco Lights with Voice Control: Interactive lights that respond to sound and music, creating a mesmerizing visual display that captivates young minds.
  3. Talking Parrot: An interactive plush companion that mimics speech, encouraging communication and fostering a sense of companionship for children with limited vision.
  4. Tonie Box: A magical audio player that engages our MCOPS12 kiddos with captivating stories and songs, transporting them to enchanting worlds through sound.

Children with mobility issues deserve toys that encourage exploration and empower them to move confidently. Here are some personal recommendations to boost mobility, fine and gross motor skills:

  1. Kupz and Squigz by Fat Brain Toys: Colorful and adaptable, these toys inspire creativity and fine motor skills for imaginative outdoor play.
  2. Rocking Horse: A timeless classic that supports balance and coordination, providing joyful moments of active fun.
  3. Otteroo: This unique floating device opens up a world of aquatic exploration, promoting water play and therapeutic movement.
  4. Crawligator: An excellent tool for encouraging mobility and independence, enabling your child to explore the environment confidently.
  5. Musical Instruments: Loved by most of our MCOPS12 kiddos from playing the piano to the ukulele and the drums. A great way to enhance fine and gross motor skills. 

This summer, let’s create truly inclusive and unforgettable play experiences for all children, especially those with vision and mobility impairments. With our curated list of accessible toy recommendations, we hope to enrich the lives of MCOPS12 kiddos and lend a helping hand to other families with similar needs. May these toys fill your child’s summer with boundless joy, laughter, and discovery!

Wishing you all a wonderful summer filled with cherished moments and endless playtime adventures!

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