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Be a Champion for a Cure this Giving Tuesday!

As the holiday season fast approaches, it’s easy to get caught up in all the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping and doorbuster deals, taking us away from the spirit of coming together and giving back. That’s exactly why #givingtuesday was created. As a day, to focus back on the spirit of giving and helping others. Here at Cure MCOPS12, Giving Tuesday is more than just a day – it’s a celebration of compassion and generosity, a call to action, and an opportunity for us all to contribute to positive change within and beyond our communities. 

What is Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday goes all the way back to 27 November 2012, when a group of individuals at the Belfer Center for Innovation and Social Impact in New York, wanted to create a day of giving that reminded people of what the holiday season is really all about. Today Giving Tuesday is a global event that inspires a collective call to action, inspiring individuals and communities to come together for a common purpose – to GIVE.

About Cure MCOPS12

Cure MCOPS12 is a registered nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of children and families affected by MCOPS12. MCOPS12 is an ultra-rare neurological disease, which commonly causes microphthalmia, severe movement disorders and variable intellectual disability.

Our Goal this Giving Tuesday

Our goal this Giving Tuesday is to raise awareness about this ultra-rare disease and to raise 100K USD in order to fund a potentially life changing drug repurposing study. This study would consist of testing 5000 drugs in a patient cell model for effectiveness. If during this study we are able to identify suitable drugs to treat the severe movement disorders often faced by MCOPS12 patients (hypotonia, spasticity, and dystonia),  we would have the chance to give them to patients as off-label use or even start a clinical trial! This would bring us one step closer to identifying an actual treatment for these movement disorders and giving these patients the chance for more independence!

How Can YOU Support?

1. Donate Online:

Donate to make a meaningful contribution. Every dollar brings us closer to funding a potential treatment option for MCOPS12 patients, and making a huge difference in the lives of these patients and their families!

2. Spread the Word:

Help us amplify our message by sharing our mission on social media. Use the hashtags #CureMCOPS12 and #Championforacure and tag @CureMCOPS12 and @ACureforSophiaandFriends to join the conversation and inspire others to get involved!

3. Host a Fundraising Event:

Consider organizing a local event or virtual fundraiser to gather support for our cause. Whether it’s a charity run, a virtual auction, or a community gathering, every effort counts.

4. Create a Facebook Fundraising Campaign for Cure MCOPS12:

Consider creating a Facebook Fundraiser Campaign to gather donations and support for our cause. Check out these instructions on how to set this up:

5. Corporate Matching Programs:

Many companies offer matching programs that can double or even triple the impact of your donation. Check if your employer participates and maximize the power of your contribution.

Be A Champion for a Cure

This Giving Tuesday, let’s go beyond generosity—let’s be champions for a cure. Whether you donate, share, create a facebook fundraiser, host an event, or explore matching programs, your actions propel us toward a future where there are treatment options for this disease and maybe even one day a CURE.

Be a champion for change. Your support isn’t just a donation; it’s an investment in a brighter tomorrow. Join us this Giving Tuesday and make a lasting impact.

Cure MCOPS12 invites you to champion our cause. Together, let’s turn compassion into action!

Cure MCOPS12 in collaboration with A Cure for Sophia and Friends have launched a new Crowdfunding Campaign via Classy! Donate TODAY and Be a Champion for a Cure!