Twelve Days of Christmas

🎶 On Our 12 Days of Christmas we have TWELVE wishes specific to #MCOPS12 Kids, Their Families, and Cure MCOPS12.

We have kids that would LOVE to one day be able to do things that other kids can do… To SIT unassisted, to WALK, to have MORE Independence, to be able to make their own MARK on this world.

We have families that want to be able to share their passions and hobbies with their children without so many limitations, families who simply would like to have quality time with their kids without having to constantly think and worry about the next appointment, families that want to not have to constantly worry about what the future looks like for their child…

Twelve wishes we HOPE to GRANT one day…

In order to do so, we NEED YOUR HELP! Help in Spreading Awareness and in Donating however much you can.

We have LESS than a MONTH to go, Let’s Make each and every one of these DREAMS come TRUE! 💙

To Donate 👉

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Twelve Days of Christmas!

Cure MCOPS12 in collaboration with A Cure for Sophia and Friends have launched a new Crowdfunding Campaign via Classy! Donate TODAY and Be a Champion for a Cure!