Meet Biswadip: Finding Hope & Purpose in Cure MCOPS12’s Mission

📢Introducing Biswadip Sinha, a dedicated volunteer at Cure MCOPS12 who also works as a Lead of Pharmaceutical Development for Generic Inhalation Products!

🔬 Background and Expertise:

Biswadip is a Pharmacist by education and has studied in both India and Germany. He holds a PhD in Pharmaceutical Technology and boasts a wealth of experience in drug product development of various dosage forms, both for new molecules and generic molecules. For the past 13 years, Biswadip has focused his expertise in the field of inhalation development, contributing significantly to the pharmaceutical industry.

💙Reasons for Support:

Biswadip’s decision to support Cure MCOPS12 is driven by the extraordinary mission of “Find a cure yourself when there is no cure for your loved one.” He was deeply drawn to the immense courage, persistence, and hope displayed by Reinhard Pell and his family in their unwavering pursuit of finding a cure for MCOPS12. Having known Reinhard as an ex-colleague, Biswadip was inspired by the uniqueness and determination of this mission, which motivated him to be a part of the cause.

🌟 Impact & Goals:

As a volunteer, Biswadip actively contributes to Cure MCOPS12’s initiatives, focusing on raising awareness and participating in fundraising campaigns as needed. Though his contribution may be limited, he firmly believes that every effort matters in making a difference.

Biswadip’s ultimate goal for Cure MCOPS12 is to see the organization succeed in finding a cure not only for Simon but also for all those suffering from MCOPS12. He has profound hope that the success of this mission will serve as an inspiration to countless other families facing similar challenges in the years and decades to come.

🫶We are profoundly grateful for Biswadip’s generous support and commitment to Cure MCOPS12. His expertise and dedication are invaluable in driving the organization’s mission forward and bringing hope to those affected by this rare disease.

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