Presenting at ÖPPM’s Annual Conference: Opportunities in Personalized Medicine for Rare Diseases

🙌Last week, the Austrian Platform for Personalized Medicine (ÖPPM – Österreichische Plattform für Personalisierte Medizin) held their annual conference, with a focal point of #RareDiseases.

Our founder, Reinhard Pell, had the opportunity to present recent progress on our MCOPS12 research, specifically highlighting our ongoing work on a personalized drug development approach using Antisense Oligonucleotides to treat #MCOPS12.

Personalized medicine, or precision medicine, harnesses your unique genetic makeup to tailor decisions regarding disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. It offers an opportunity – especially in the context of rare disease drug development – to transform the traditional “one size fits all” approach to diagnostics and drug therapy into a more individualized and effective approach.

To learn more about personalized medicine, check out:

We’re very grateful for the opportunity to participate in this conference and showcase our work at #CureMCOPS12

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